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  • The Dirty Dozen or The Good, The Bad and the Ugly- One Dozen Mini Movie Reviews By Evan Ginzburg

    Fall (2022)- Thrill-seeking Millenial besties climb to the very top of a TV tower halfway to Asgard. When the stairs behind them break, hilarity ensues. Whether it’s vertigo-inducing falls, fighting off attacking vultures, or using their Magyver-like skills at multiple attempted escapes, there’s always something going on in this wacky popcorn flick. And depending on […]

  • Ginzburg’s Gab 8/16/22- On the Immigrant Experience and Apple TV Plus’ Little America

    My grandparents came to America a hundred or so years ago. Grandma was a beautiful Polish actress who performed on New York City’s Yiddish stage, while my burly Russian grandfather was a butcher in a shop in Brooklyn. They escaped the Pogroms to start a new life here, found each other, and together pursued the […]

  • But Are They All That Funny? A Comedy Fan’s Take On Today’s Stand-Ups

    Earlier this summer, I went to see Eddie Griffin perform live at Sony Hall in New York City.To say he “killed” would be an understatement.Coming out like a Rock Star or Rap Star, if you will, as that’s what he played upon walking on stage, he owned that joint for a good 90 minutes.Laugh out […]

  • The Night I Chose To See Don Bryant over Santana AND Earth, Wind and Fire.

    “Hey, Evan…you want to go see Santana and Earth, Wind & Fire on August 13th?” my concert-loving buddy Howie asked.Now those are two of my all-time favorite acts. They’re music gods to me. And on any given night, I’d leap at the chance to see either. And together, that was an almost unbeatable package.But it […]

  • That “There’s Been No Good Wrestling Since The Territories” Nonsense

    The dinosaurs aren’t extinct.They’re alive and spewing venom on old-school wrestling pages.“There’s been no good wrestling since the territories” is a wearisome myth that’s been perpetuated for 30-plus years ad nauseum by angry old men raging against change.I’ve been watching wrestling for 50 years now, discovering that UHF dial in 1972 and have attended for […]

  • Ginzburg’s Gab 8/12/22- Those Darned Critics- A Blog on Film Criticism

    On Steven Soderbergh’s Bubble (2005): The script is boring, the acting atrocious, the direction is poor…what the hell happened here?– Eric Lurio Greenwich Village Gazette A haunting film, made all the more intriguing by the use of ordinary people, not actors, in all the roles.– Claudia Puig USA Today Wow, those are two quite different […]

  • George Benson Concert Review- “On Broadway”

    George Benson (Sony Hall NYC 8/10/22)- A lot of adjectives came to my mind while watching George Benson’s 75 or so minute concert tonight.Tight. Polished. Slick. Professional. Crowd-pleasing. Enjoyable. Nostalgic.And Benson is likable and, at age 79, stylish, youthful, and gracious.But there was one other word that kept repeating in my brain.Safe.It was all ever […]

  • That Corporate Apologist Thing (Ginzburg’s Gab 8/10/22)

    I came of age in a long-ago era, where young people were taught to “Fight the Power.”We wanted to change the world. To create great Art. To be Artists. Being a suit was being the enemy, “The Man.” There was no appeal in being that CEO. Hell, we wanted to be rock stars and rappers […]

  • It’s Chaos, Be Kind

    3/13/22 Ginzburg’s Gab Blog In one of noted comedian Patton Oswalt’s network specials, he speaks of becoming a young widower after his wife dies at the tender age of 46. His wife, a brilliant author, didn’t believe in fate, Karma, a higher entity’s will, or anything along those lines. She exclaimed to him, simply, “It’s […]

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