Sister Funk Releases This American Life- An Anthem For Our Troubled Times

By: Evan Ginzburg for the New England Music Hall of Fame

Sister Funk, interestingly enough, is not a funk band.
They are a wonderfully talented all-female lesbian band out of Connecticut that is twenty-two years strong.
Having shared stages with such legends as ZZ Top, Foreigner, Melissa Etheridge, and the B-52s, they are a mix of Rock-Country, Folk-Pop and also have a Blues dance groove.
The members are all multi-instrumentalists and not only write original music but are known for their distinctive covers as well. The eclectic ensemble is also regarded for its high-energy gigs.
Their sixth independently released CD, Wings to Fly recently dropped. An attractive cut is One Small Step inspired by chess and the film, The Queen’s Gambit.
I can’t say there are a lot of pop tunes about chess out there. Impressive.
But the song which is getting the most attention is This American Life. The band describes their vision for the catchy and moving anthem:
“This American Life off of Wings to Fly represents our Pride as Americans, all sides and all shades of red and blue. We are ONE united together, and we are STRONGER together. Let love for our country and our freedom bring us together!”
One image in the video has Republican and Democratic hands intertwined with the graphic “United Together.” This may be shocking to some in 2022, but how refreshing in these ultra-divided times where neighbors are pitted against each other because of their different political beliefs to have a song like this even exist.
You can see the video for yourself. Prepare to be inspired.
As Bootsy Collins would say, “You can’t fake the funk,” and Sister Funk is the real deal. And This American Life has the potential to reach the masses and help bring this country back together.


Sister Funk’s music can be found on Spotify, Apple iTunes, Amazon Music, Pandora, YouTube Music, and more.

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