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  • On Witnessing Pro Wrestling Greatness- Ospreay vs. Omega

    Here’s something about witnessing greatness. I’ve been watching and attending wrestling for around 50 years and am as jaded as anyone you will ever find. But when I find myself watching a match like Will Ospreay vs. Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 17, this is wrestling elevated to Art. It’s an exhilarating experience where you […]

  • Lianne- Film Review

    Lianne (2022)- Well done indie Canadian horror film where influencer Erin is convinced by her followers to stay alone in a haunted house to raise money for the fight against cancer after her stepsister, Lianne’s death.The “gimmick” here is that she’s broadcasting live throughout the film and narrating the tale as it’s happening. It works […]

  • CoVid Booster Meets Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You: The Mash Up

    So, I finally bit the bullet and went for my latest Covid booster yesterday, and the damn thing bit me right back.My head pounding, sinuses flaring, body aching and feverish; I was too sick to do anything beyond channel surf last night.And there she was in all her magnificence, Mariah Carey, singing All I Want […]

  • It Was a Schlep- A Holiday Message

    My late father drove a New York City yellow taxi six days a week, 14 hours a day, to the point of exhaustion.Yes, driving was how he paid the bills. And when he died at 57, I was a mere 20 years old. Nevertheless, I had a nagging feeling that all that driving had done […]

  • AEW Full Gear 2022- The Bullet Points

    As I don’t believe in the 5,000 word overwrought reviews of pay per views let’s just do the bullet points of the good, bad and ugly of AEW Full Gear 2022 (and AEW in general). The Good AEW has as great a crew of wrestlers as any promotion in the history of wrestling. They have […]

  • Horror, Horror, Horror- Halloween Ends & Other Mini-Movie Reviews

    SPOILER ALERT- This film is crap AND there are spoilers below. Michael Myers is back, and he has a tag team partner. And his new buddy thinks he’s Death Wish’s Paul Kersey. Yes, you read that right. Michael’s got a teammate. Adding to the absolute lack of credibility, when Grandma Laurie finally goes one on […]

  • The Walking Dead is Ending…My Mixed Emotions

    I have MAYBE 25% as much interest as I once did in the Walking Dead, and it kind of saddens me. The first two seasons were as great as almost any in the history of television, heel Negan may be the greatest villain in the annals of TV, yet it almost feels like a responsibility […]

  • Concert Review- The Fred Hintze Experience at the Red Pipes Cafe 9/25/22

    He has a repertoire of over 500 songs- both covers and originals.He seamlessly moves from Folk to Rock to Pop to Country and sneaks in some old-school R&B.“Do you know any Johnny Cash?” one listener in attendance hopefully spouted mid-second set.But of course, Fred Hintze did. He proudly displayed a Johnny Cash decal on his […]

  • Concert Review- Van Morrison & Tom Jones Forest Hills Stadium 9/10/22-

    It was ageing icons night at Forest Hills Stadium.When 82-year-old legend Tom Jones limped to the stage, sat in a chair, and sang songs about old age, death, and what a wonderful life he’s had, this wasn’t Las Vegas era Tom Jones, but it certainly packed a punch. In excellent voice, he plugged his upcoming […]

  • Sister Funk Releases This American Life- An Anthem For Our Troubled Times

    By: Evan Ginzburg for the New England Music Hall of Fame Sister Funk, interestingly enough, is not a funk band.They are a wonderfully talented all-female lesbian band out of Connecticut that is twenty-two years strong.Having shared stages with such legends as ZZ Top, Foreigner, Melissa Etheridge, and the B-52s, they are a mix of Rock-Country, […]