On Witnessing Pro Wrestling Greatness- Ospreay vs. Omega

Here’s something about witnessing greatness.
I’ve been watching and attending wrestling for around 50 years and am as jaded as anyone you will ever find.
But when I find myself watching a match like Will Ospreay vs. Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 17, this is wrestling elevated to Art. It’s an exhilarating experience where you hear yourself far away in the distance exclaiming, “Wow!” You are in a Zen-like, Yoga-like, Tai Chi-like TOTALLY IN THE MOMENT, where nothing else matters but this match you’re watching because it is THAT great. You realize this is indeed something so very, very special.
And that chill down your spine is very real.
Tell the WWE fans they can keep their tractors and giant mouse traps.
Tell the “they’re ALL just spot monkeys…there’s been NO good wrestling since the territories” living in the past boyz, the memories are great, but SO IS THIS. And you ARE missing out.
Because these two ARTISTS put on a clinic, they wrestled, brawled, flew, sold, and even bled for their ART. Hell, there was even a clean pin. And if you don’t appreciate THIS, you don’t deserve THIS.
Because every so often, the once-named “Wrestling- The King of Sports” is just that.
All I can say is, bravo. And thank you.


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