George Benson Concert Review- “On Broadway”

George Benson (Sony Hall NYC 8/10/22)-
A lot of adjectives came to my mind while watching George Benson’s 75 or so minute concert tonight.
Tight. Polished. Slick. Professional. Crowd-pleasing. Enjoyable. Nostalgic.
And Benson is likable and, at age 79, stylish, youthful, and gracious.
But there was one other word that kept repeating in my brain.
It was all ever so safe.
Barely picking up the guitar, he was a solid singer doing golden oldies for a crowd that ate them all up.
You got the sense that this mostly greatest hits set had been performed without much variation forever. They’re quality songs with good hooks and lyrics made for a crowd singalong.
It’s a successful format down to promptly clearing out the sold-out early set crowd and packing in the massive line waiting outside for the 9:30. It worked for the club owners, the band, and the fans.
But the only time THIS jazz aficionado was truly moved was when he did a magnificent take on Moody’s Mood for Love. Asking how many people had heard of its lyricist Eddie Jefferson, there was a few scattered applause.
They didn’t know.
But my god had the supposed heir to Wes Montgomery taken THAT road…the path that Eddie Jefferson and James Moody and King Pleasure took, you would have seen a show with guitar strumming that would have taken you to a galaxy far, far, away.
Instead, that guitar sitting behind him most of the night was a tease.
Soon enough, we were, predictably, listening to “On Broadway” and out the door walking down Broadway having had a nice enough time at a nice enough show on a nice enough night.
What could have been.

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