That Corporate Apologist Thing (Ginzburg’s Gab 8/10/22)

I came of age in a long-ago era, where young people were taught to “Fight the Power.”
We wanted to change the world. To create great Art. To be Artists. Being a suit was being the enemy, “The Man.” There was no appeal in being that CEO. Hell, we wanted to be rock stars and rappers and stand-ups and actors and writers and directors and teachers and community leaders and do anything but sit behind a desk.
Today, there’s a different vibe. And it’s disheartening to hear the young people defend the corporate vultures with “they all do it” and “it’s all about the bottom line” and “what the market will bear.” Just when did it become “greed is good?” and more importantly, why? Hey, there’s nothing wrong with having money per se. Not being a mindless consumer and saving and investing and being in control of your fate. Having the power to walk away from a job or gig that doesn’t treat you right. Or being able to just say no to an offer that’s exploitative. But I have no explanation for the misguided youth who excuse the devils who take with both hands. They even admire them and look at them as heroes. You want to know my heroes? Ali. Bruce Lee. Bruno Sammartino. Roberto Clemente. And countless great musicians. Guys who came up with little or nothing, changed the world, entertained and taught the masses, and gave back. So for me, the young corporate apologists are quite disillusioning. They’re everywhere, they’re strong, they’re vocal, and they will defend their favorite scoundrels with every ounce of their being.

And far worse, they will breed.

This and That:

What’s Ginzburg watching? Crazy Samurai 400 vs. 1 is a wild flick where it’s indeed one versus four hundred in one take no less. You’ll either love it or zone out. And Pistolera is an action cheapie with faves Robert Davi and Danny Trejo where you get to see two kids machine gun down a bevy of baddies and other surreal moments and, um, there’s dance numbers in between. Yes, you’ll scratch your head, too.

Yours truly on Ric Flair’s painful retirement match on Crazy Train Radio:

On the latest Wrestling & Everything: Coast to Coast show, Dr Mike Lano brings his old wrestler/promoter friend D.C. Drake on for a full hour discussing how his own promotions like NWF were formed and all the legends who came in to face him besides his own crew who’d later find fame in Joel Goodhart’s TWA which morphed into Eastern Championship Wrestling. Don drops his major opinions on both ECW and Paul Heyman. Plus how and why DC retired from wrestling but contributed back by helping those with addiction issues. Our entire backlog is available on the Pro Wrestling Stories website for your enjoyment. DC Drake episode:

RIP Judo Gene LeBell one of our stars in #350Days. He’s also in a ton of old-school action flicks like Black Belt Jones with the late, great Jim Kelly of Enter The Dragon fame.

For the best in pro wrestling journalism- well-written and researched- enjoy our tales at 600 plus pieces, 50 plus of my own, and I’m proud to be the Senior Editor there. Our most recent piece is on Nanjo Singh and his murder of his wife.

Coming Soon: From director Dwayne Walker and yours truly- Wrestling- Then & Now 20th Anniversary Directors Cut documentary starring so many late, great friends whose memories I want to keep alive- Tiger Khan, promoter Bobby Lombardi, Killer Kowalski, The Mambo King, Nikolai Volkoff, Don “Dr. Death” Arnold and others we’ve lost along the way. It’s from the heart. We’re going to do some crowdsourcing. Please support it.

For the best in indie wrestling and more, enjoy

Speaking of great indie wrestling, check out Catalyst Wrestling. Such greats as Jack Evans, Akira, and Homicide appear on the shows. Pre-Order Catalyst Wrestling’s Sabotage at

Also, support the Festival of Cinema based out of Forest Hills, Queens, going on through this coming weekend. Great indie films and industry panels.

Sony Hall is a great Manhattan music venue- not a bad seat in the joint- with name Artists of all genres. George Benson tonight, Doug E. Fresh leading a Chuck Brown tribute next week. Nothing like that D.C. Go-Go music and Chuck Brown was the king. Support live music, or these clubs will go away.

Also, I’ll be down at the Blues BBQ Festival this Saturday with the great Don Bryant from Al Green’s old Hi Records label headlining. The man rarely appears in NYC. Don’t miss him.

That’ll about do it, folks. Catch you next time with some more Ginzburg’s Gab.

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